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"Outsourcing to the appropriate partner can help healthcare companies achieve business and profitability goals.Apex medserve provides receivables management technology and services to the healthcare industry enabling easy management of your healthcare receivables, faster turnarounds.We focus on improve work flow, smoothen the billing process and maximize practice profitability. Many of our physician clients collect at least 99% of their contracted rates billed and realize real cost savings with their practice management.Our goal is to help you, the Physician, maximize the return on the investment you made to practice medicine.Over many years, we have helped our clients realize improved operational and financial benefits while reducing capital investments and costs. We want to help you focus on the Practice of Medicine, not accounting or IT. Please take a few moments and browse through the site, learn about our company and products.Apex medserve customized solutions reflect the very best in practice management services available in the industry today"--D.SURESH (Founder and CEO).Apex medserve.

Medical Billing Services
Outsourcing medical billing services to experts is one of the most effective ways to improve the profitability of a small-to-medium-sized medical practice. By having professionals handle their medical billing requirements, practitioners are able to concentrate on their own area of expertise--caring for their patients' needs.
Medical billing needs to be done right or it can cost a practice dearly in terms of lost income and low productivity. Over that period of time it has refined the process to ensure that claims are processed smoothly and efficiently.

Attention!!! All healthcare orgnization

Stop wasting your valuable time and money trying to file medical billing claims internally. Let the professionals at Apex  medserve file your claims for you so you and your staff can focus on caring for your patients.Our services will instantly help you lower costs, improve productivity, and increase your profits… and we make it so easy for you!

Our focus is to increase your cash flow and profits

Our job is to increase your cash flow and profits by focusing on follow up and retrieval of payments. A practice can easily lose 10 to 30% of their profits per year from inaccurate data capture, clerical errors, lack of knowledge and follow up procedures. We are the solution to your costly problem.

The organization will provide a wide range of non-clinical resources to enable US healthcare organizations increase operational and financial efficiencies. Our services will enable US healthcare organizations to reduce their operational expenses by 35 – 50%.

The savings gained will enhance direct patient care programs for uninsured patients, increase the market share of our client organization's presence in the communities they serve and diversify the services they provide.






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